Note 28. 06. 2023

1. 100 years Hypothesis

In a world where the speed of light is 1meter/100year, the reflection of myself in the mirror would reflect myself from a century ago. The “observer(me in this text)”, who/which is in a world where the speed of light is 299.792.458m/s, visually describes a complex intersection of these (none-)stretched dimensions of time.

I(the observer above) creates an object(4) imagining how an object(1), in the world that has 1m/100year speed of light, would be in a hundred years in the future. Then, the (re-)created object(4) and the original object (1) are placed facing each other with a transparent plate (e.g. Acrylic, Glass) between them. The image of the original object(2) and the 100-year-later version of the object (re-)created(4) by the observer become originals themselves. The original object (1) faces the reflections on the plate: the image of itself 100 years ago(2), the image of the (re-)creation(3), and the actual (re-)creation (4). On the other hand, the (re-)created object(4) faces the image of itself(3), the image of its original(2), and the original(1).

The image above demonstrates the objects from left to right: the original object (1) - image of the original object (2) / left surface of the plate - right surface of the plate / image of the (re-)created object (3) - (re-)created object (4). This means that object 1 has the view of objects 2, 3, and 4 all at once. Object 4 has the viewing position towards 3,2,1. The transparent plate contains the overlapping layers of the two originals and their illusions. The object is in a situation where it can see it self as an existing self(1), a reflection of itself 100 years ago in a mirror(2), a reflection of itself 100 years in the future as imagined by the observer(3) an object had already turned into a certain, maybe older, version of itself in another timeline(4). For the object, it is a moment, but for the observer in absolute time, 100 years is not a moment, but literally 100 years of time.

"What would it be like for an object to look in the mirror as usual and
see its 'Doppelgänger' 100 years in the future looking back at them, which may or may not look like them?"

The assumption of crossing different time dimensions that I have been exploring for the last few months actually is derived from many years of spending time in the gaming world. Blinds drawn, game on, game off. The bills are due and the once withered tree is now starting to turn green again. For someone from a big city, the idea of returning to absolute time could be a horror. Even though it could be an act of dopamine overproduction, I find it very meaningful that this disturbed time/illusion/reality gap and its repetition have made me aware of the existence of different time scales and allowed me to "imagine" a time where the concept of future and past has crumpled. Maybe the faster flow of time created through one’s involvement in social media, games, and video media is a medium of liberation that allows every individual to 'sense for themselves' the concept of absolute time, which until now has existed only as a pure theory.